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smooth pvc pressure pipes

Catalogue - Smooth PVC pressure pipes

Poly (vinyl chloride) pipe is obtained by means of an extrusion process consisting of passing the PVC resin, duly added, melted and therefore mouldable, through a nozzle with an annular section, achieving a homogeneous thickness.


PVC smooth pressure pipes are used for water conduits and distribution, conduits for irrigation systems, agricultural installations, conduits for transporting acidic or alkaline solutions, industry, construction, mining, running and insulation of cables, and many other installations related to the water cycle.

Its completely smooth internal surface prevents incrustations and reduces pressure losse. During the installation, the direction of the pipe can be changed at the joint up to the maximum angle indicated by the manufacturer.


Adequa smooth PVC pressure pipe are certified in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 1452 standard.

Types of pipe unions

Elastic union
It is made through a rubber ring lodged in the tube’s cup. The seal is supplied assembled. We recommend that a special lubricant or neutral soap should be applied to ensure that the tube slides perfectly through the elastic ring. This will facilitate the execution of the joint without producing any displacement of the elastic ring.


Glued union
This type of joint is made by applying a specific adhesive for PVC-U pipes. It is recommended that before applying this adhesive, the elements to be joined are thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaner for this purpose.

Main advantages

Total waterproof

In pressure and depression


Market-recognised guarantee

système pression pvc lisse

Easy to install

Lower installation cost and facility to repair on site

100% recyclable

100% recyclable material


PVC pressure pipe: elastic joint.

    • 63 mm to 630 mm. ND
    • Nominal Pressure 6,10 y 16 Atm.
    • Total pipe length is 6 m.


PVC pressure pipe: glued joint

    • 16 mm to 315 mm.ND
    • Nominal Pressure: 6,10,16 and 20 Atm.
    • The total length of the tubes is 5 and 6 m.


PVC pressure fittings:

  • PVC Pressure fittings with elastic joint.
  • PVC Pressure fittings with glued joint.
  • PVC Pressure fittings Mixed Series (Glued-Screwing)
  • PVC Pressure fittings Mixed Series with metal reinforcement
  • Nodular Cast Iron fittings for PVC Pipes

Operating pressure and working conditions of PVC fittings:

      • 1,6 MP a NP (16 bar) at 20ºC to 90 mm.ND
      • 1,0 MPa (10 bar) NP at 20ºC from 110 ND


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