SANECOR® Manholes

Maximum efficiency for sewerage systems

At adequa we have extensive experience in the manufacture of SANECOR® manholes for sewage and drainage networks, having seen the advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated manholes with rigid materials (concrete) and with plastic materials (GRP, HDPE and PVC).


The product strategy in adequa has always been focused on the development of high quality solutions, competitive in cost and with the aim of adapting to the needs of the sectors in which it is present. This policy based on innovation and the improvement of its products and services has enabled it to design and develop a wide range of manholes, which make the most of the advantageous characteristics of plastic materials.


This design makes the solution considerably cheaper than other plastic wells and, more importantly, guarantees excellent watertightness of the network.


SANECOR® manholes have more than 15 years of experience, with thousands of references distributed throughout Spain, and are complemented by SANECOR® corrugated PVC sanitation pipes and fittings.

Manhole range

SANECOR® manholes are manufactured with installed manhole rungs, in diameters DN800, 1000 and 1200, and depths up to 9 m. Connectivity to the manifold can be made by direct connections to the body of the manhole, by means of a base that can be fitted to the key of the manifold, either straight or with a change of direction, and by means of connecting pieces with full bore. Also included inspection manholes and waste boxes in 600 and 800 ND.


Awide range of custom-made manholes and waste boxes can also be manufactured for a variety of applications: sampling, grease separators, siphon manholes, booster manholes, etc.

Main advantages


Completely sealed sewerage system.


Very high rigidity values to withstand external loads.

Hydraulic capacity

Large interior diameters that guarantee optimum flow rates.




More than 15 years of experience

système drainage pvc adequa

Wide range

Pipes, fittings and manholes


UNE-EN 13476 Certification

100% recyclable

100% recyclable material


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1. Access to the manhole: by means of a conical piece of very high rigidity that reduces the diameter of the manhole to the diameter of the register (600 mm).


2. The shaft or body of the manhole: with the required height and with rungs already installed in the factory. Its high rigidity does not require concrete reinforcement.


3. The bottom of the manhole: where the connections to the collector are located. Depending on the diameter of the collector, it can be developed in different ways. Up to a certain diameter, which depends on the diameter of the manhole, the pipes enter directly into the body of the manhole through elastomeric joints which, taking advantage of the great thickness of the corrugated wall, guarantee total watertightness. Above a certain diameter, the connection to the collector can be made either by means of manhole bases that connect the well to the key of the collector, or by connecting pieces that allow access to the collector in full section.

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