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Molecor Sanecor® pipe celebrates 30 years

Molecor celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Sanecor® pipe.

In its continuous commitment to innovation in plastic solutions for the management and use of the entire water cycle, Molecor provides the market with a wide portfolio of products and services of the highest quality, among which we can find the the most efficient solution for sewage networks: the Sanecor® corrugated PVC system..

This pipe was born with the aim of achieving a product designed to fully satisfy the needs in a sewerage network, optimizing at the same time the energy consumption associated with its production, installation and operation, and minimizing environmental interaction.

In the development of the components of a sewerage system, the objective is to achieve installations with more watertight, longer-lasting and with lower operating costs.

Based on this objective, the famous Sanecor® corrugated PVC system has been developed for 30 years now. The reference product is the corrugated PVC pipe with SN8 rigidity, which is manufactured in a wide range of diameters, up to 1200 mm, and which presents as main distinguishing features: high short- and long-term mechanical resistance, offering very high values against loads during its life cycle; a union system that provides optimal watertighteven in the most unfavorable conditions; high internal diameters that guarantee optimal flows and excellent hydraulic capacity; and a complete system of fittings and components in the same material, including a wide range of completely watertight and easy-to-install manholes.

Sanecor® corrugated PVC pipe was born in 1992 in a range then limited to diameters from 110 to 400 mm, and with external diameters in all cases greater than the nominal diameter. At the same time, certain fittings compatible with these pipe diameters are being manufactured. In 1994, the 500 mm diameter was launched on the market, which, together with a considerable expansion of the available fittings, represents an important step in the development of the system. But it is in 1999, when the Sanecor® product experiences its greatest growth, when the range of diameters is extended to 630, 800 and 1000 mm, which translates into a real innovation in terms of the available range of plastic pipes for sewerage. Taking advantage of the successful concept of elastomeric clips for collector connections, in 2001 the first generation of Sanecor® manholes was launched, which will be a perfect complement to the existing system until then. Another important milestone is marked by the launch of the 1,200 mm diameter corrugated Sanecor® pipe on the market in 2007, which represents the first PVC pipe in the world with this diameter. During the following years, new elastomeric clips are developed and a wide variety of customized manhole solutions begin to be offered, especially for large diameters. From 2015, Sanecor®manholes are consolidated as one of the company’s main product development lines.

Currently Sanecor® has a complete system and is implemented in many Spanish populations. At the national level, the total length of installed piping exceeds 50,000 km, and it is in the international expansion phase, in line with the Molecor’s business strategy.

Our presence in the market is evidenced by our commitment to developing solutions aimed at optimizing available water resources, reducing energy costs in hydraulic infrastructures, reducing CO2 emissions and system sustainability, thus contributing to the citizen receiving quality, efficient and environmentally friendly networks.

Thank you for joining us during all this time, we hope to continue counting on your support!

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