Lydec technicians visit our production centers

Members of Lydec, the company responsible water supply, sewerage, drainage services and electricity in Casablanca (Marruecos), have visited our three production centers in Alovera (Guadalajara), Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) and Antequera (Málaga), accompanied by our local partner in this area, SICDA. These professionals are Meriem Moughlyf, responsible for sewerage works, Mohamed Boudroua, head of the Standardization department, and Nizar Elesbihani, purchasing manager for distribution and sewerage products from Lydec.

In  Alovera, these professionals attended a technical talk about our solutions, given by adequa Building manager, and a visit to the facilities of the factory, where all our fittings in PVC are manufactured, accompanied by the factory manager, adequa delegate in Morocco, and the Export delegate.

visita Lydec Alovera1

Lydec visits our centre in Alovera.

Technicians from Lydec visit our centre in Alovera (Guadalajara), where the PVC accessories are produced.

The visit to our center in Alcázar, where adequa SANECOR® PVC pipe sewerage system and soundproof drainage system adequa AR® is produced, was guided by the factory manager, Sebastián Aguado, and the Infrastructure manager, Juan Pastor, who, in addition, gave a technical talk about  our Sanecor® line.

Technicians from Lydec visiting our factory in Alcázar.

Technicians from Lydec visiting our factory in Alcázar, where the system Sanecor is produced.

Finally, in Antequera, these technicians from Lydec also attended to a technical chat and saw at first hand how adequa URATOP® Class 500 oriented PVC-O pipe system is produced.