Ground drainage PVC system

Rigidity and toughness

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Catalogue - Ground drainage PVC system

Adequa ground drainage PVC system consists of a double-walled circular corrugated grooved piping for shallow and deep buried (depths of over 4 m) drains. This drainage system is used for transit routes (roads, railways, airport runways), walls and dams, tunnels, landfill sites, agriculture, reservoirs, buildings, sports facilities, etc.

This double-walled (smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside) is heat fusion welded during the continuous extrusion manufacturing process. The groove marking equipment, together with the corrugating, produces the grooves for the draining in the troughs of the piping, which are the areas of least thickness, thus minimising the retention as the water passes.



  • Road drainage (minor roads, main roads, railway lines)
  • Drainage for buildings (foundation, floors)
  • Agricultural drainage
  • Playing fields
  • Canals
  • Retaining walls

Main advantages

Highly resistant

To chemical attacks of aggressive ground conditions

Optimal flow

Smooth internal wall which optimises hydraulic capacity

système drainage pvc adequa

Wide range

Diameters and fittings

100% recyclable

100% recyclable material


110 to 400 mm ND

Double wall: smooth inside, corrugated outside.

Rigidity ≥4 kN/m2 (SN4).

Total pipe length is 6 m.

Standard 220º grooving, optional 360º grooving for 110 to 200 mm ND, and 110º for 200 to 400 mm. DN.

Grooving: standard pipes are supplied with grooves in the corrugation valleys.

Colour: orange.

Union by cup with elastic joint.

Special sealing lubricant must be used to make the joint between pipes.


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