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Siphons to complement to the building’s waste water evacuation system by providing the water seal that prevents the entry of gases and odours produced by the installation itself. adequa® siphons – years of proven experience in the market.

  • Waste water disposal drains for washbasins, baths, bidets, showers and sinks.
  • Extension pieces, connectors and fittings for connecting them up to the disposal system.


  • White range of polypropylene valves, siphons and fittings.
  • Chrome range (manufactured in chrome-plated ABS) and chrome-plated brass range for use in exposed installations and designer washbasins (washbasins in glass, stainless steel, etc.).
  • All siphons can be accessed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • All siphons and valves with a DN 40 mm outlet are supplied with a DN 32 mm change joint.
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