Ground drainage PVC system

Rigidity and toughness


Double-walled circular corrugated grooved piping for shallow and deep buried (depths of over 4 m) drains. Drainage for transit routes (roads, railways, airport runways, etc.), walls and dams, tunnels, landfill sites, agriculture, reservoirs, buildings, sports facilities, etc.

Principal benefits

  • Double-walled piping with great external load-bearing strength.
  • Smooth internal wall optimises the required diameter.
  • Resistant to the chemical attacks of aggressive ground conditions.
  • Wide range of diameters.


  • DN 110 mm to DN 400 mm.
  • Double wall; smooth internal, corrugated external.
  • Rigidity ≥4 kN/m2 (SN4).
  • Total pipe length is 6 m.
  • Standard 220º grooving, optional 360º grooving for DN 110 to 200 mm, and 110º for DN 200 to 400 mm.
  • Grooving: Standard pipes supplied with grooves in the corrugation valleys.

• Colour: Orange.
  • Cup joint with elastic seal. The prices listed include the seal.
  • Special sealing lubricant must be used to make the joint between pipes, see Accessories.
  • FITTINGS: see smooth PVC parts in SANECOR corrugated PVC system.
système PVC drainage

Technical documentation