Accessories for plain PVC pipes

Versatile solutions


In general conduits for gravity-fed transportation of water and other liquids in smooth bore PVC pipes.

Principal benefits

  • Wide range of fittings.
  • New inspection chambers with an innovative and functional design.
  • Guaranteed reliability and watertightness.


Principal benefits

  • Versatile: making it possible to combine adequa Sanecor® smooth and corrugated piping within the same installations.
  • Flexible and reliable: watertightness guaranteed by using elastic joints that enable the absorption of minor gradients and ground settling and thus meeting the demands established by the standard (tested during trials undertaken at our facilities).
  • Efficient: they improve the system’s carrying and settling capacity by way of a spherical cap in their base and the smoothness of their inner surfaces.
  • Robust: additional strength due to the optimisation of the prismatic design of the body.
  • Easy to handle: can be set up and installed by a single worker.
  • Adaptable: open under base that makes it easy to level and position them in the bottom of the trench.
  • Self-supporting: no displacement thanks to the longitudinal stabilisers.
  • Easy installation: incorporated symbols indicate whether the check valve is open or shut at all times.
  • Made of high-quality polypropylene.


Ø Ref. Cond. Total Height (mm) Part No.
INSPECTION 315-160 AR-3116 12 units/pallet 481 2137637
SIPHON 315-160 AS-3116 1 unit/“R” type box 481 2137647
NON-RETURN 315-160 AA-3116 1 unit/“R” type box 481 2137648


  • The three trap types (inspection, siphon and non-return) are fitted with 315-mm diameter service heads in the casing and 160-mm diameter connections.
  • Funnel diameters and lengths manufactured in accordance with standard UNE EN 1401. Watertight joint manufactured in accordance with standard UNE EN 681.
  • The female funnels are fitted with a double bevel to facilitate pipe assembly and are designed to take both adequa SANECOR® smooth and corrugated pipes.
  • They come with flanged PP reinforced EPDM seals to ensure a perfectly sealed installation. Joints can be disassembled.
  • The trap casing is made of PP and its flat-sided design gives the unit greater rigidity as well as providing indents that can be filled and compacted with concrete or sand.
  • The base of the trap casing consists of a spherical cap that helps the fluids being carried to flow and the settling of any solids.
  • The non-return trap is fitted with a shutoff flap made of PP that includes an EPDM membrane. 200-mm diameter threaded inspection cover.
  • The partition of the siphon trap is ergonomically designed to facilitate inspection and maintenance. 160-mm diameter threaded inspection end cap.



  • Flow direction indicators for ensuring correct installation.
  • Semicircular inner base with 3.5% gradient to facilitate the flow of fluids and prevent a build-up of sediments.
  • Self-supporting: no displacement during installation thanks to the longitudinal stabilisers.
  • The prism-shaped casing provides the trap with greater rigidity and makes it easy to level and position it during installation.
  • Elastic joints enable the absorption of minor gradients due to the settling of the ground while guaranteeing the watertightness of the installation.


Ø Ref. Total Height (mm) Serial No.
315-160 APD-3116 315 2135214
315-200 APD-3120 355 2135213
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