AR® soundproof evacuation system

You will only hear advantages

The range of pipes and accessories that make up adequa AR® soundproof evacuation system has been specifically designed to solve the evacuation of fluids in networks (drains, downpipes and suspended manifolds) with the highest demands in terms of noise reduction. Its wide range of pieces allows to solve any type of solution proposed by the designer, adapting to all the requirements of the Technical Building Code.


It must be borne in mind that it is during the design of the building that the battle against noise must be won, as prevention in the reduction or damping of noise emissions is more effective and economical than its subsequent repair or reinforcement.


Failures in noise protection have extensive and wide-ranging consequences for builders, installers and planners because they are often impossible to correct, or when they do succeed, it is very costly.


​Nowadays noise pollution is an additional factor in determining quality of life indices. The Technical Building Code, in the basic requirement “Protection against noise (HR)” specifies that “buildings shall be designed and maintained in such a way that the constructive elements that make up their enclosures have adequate acoustic characteristics to reduce the transmission of airborne noise, impact noise and noise and vibrations from the building’s own installations, and to limit the reverberant noise of the enclosures”.

Main advantages


Dampens the noise inside the installation

Minimal wear and tear

Prepared to withstand adverse conditions

No further treatment

No anti-corrosion treatment after installation

Mechanical strength

No extra protection needed

Abrasion resistant

Against chemical agents

Fire protection

Special additives slow down the fire

100% recyclable

100% recyclable material


More than 50 years

Three layer technology

During the process of developing adequa AR® soundproof system, our R+D+i department has verified through many laboratory tests the best behaviour of the three-layer pipe compared to the traditional compact pipes, both from the point of view of reaction to fire, as well as in relation to acoustic emissions. These three layers are each specially designed for a specific action.


The difference in density of the layers means that part of the acoustic energy is dissipated before going outside, with the consequent reduction in noise nuisances.

v1 tricapa

1. External layer: in PVC with special additives, designed to withstand adverse mechanical actions without any additional protection.


2. Intermediate layer: in PVC with high density mineral charge, which provides unbeatable acoustic insulation of the tube.


3. Internal layer: in additive PVC, specially designed to withstand high temperatures and abrasive substances. Extremely smooth inner surface to prevent sticking.

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TBC DB SI Safety in case of fire

The best fire protection in the market

In a fire, most people are hospitalized not for burns, but for smoke inhalation.


The levels of self-demand of adequa always go beyond the current regulations. For this reason, AR® soundproof system has obtained the “NF Me” Brand Certificate for fire safety, granted by the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE), under the auspices of AFNOR Certification (France).


This certification measures the swelling rate of the material when subjected to high temperatures. This swelling helps to plug the downspout assembly and its accessories, slowing down and preventing the spread of the fire during the fire.

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TBC DB HR Noise protection 

The most demanding soundproof performance

The range of pipes and accessories that make up AR® Soundproof Evacuation System has been specifically designed to solve the evacuation of fluids in networks (drains, downpipes and suspended manifolds) with the highest demands in terms of noise reduction.


The noise values emitted by AR® Soundproof Evacuation System are well below the maximum permitted by the Technical Building code, which guarantees great comfort in homes and a significant reduction in the inconvenience caused by the drainage of fluids.

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réglementation évacuation des eaux

TBC DB HS Water evacuation

Complete adaptation to the Technical Building Code

The evolution of construction processes, permanent research into new materials and the need to construct more comfortable and safe buildings are requirements that it takes into account in order to provide new solutions to the market.


Thanks to this level of demand, the AR® Soundproof System complies with current regulations, meeting all the requirements of the Technical Building Code.


AR® Soundproof Evacuation System has been subjected to the toughest resistance tests to guarantee its reliability against noise, wear, corrosion, mechanical actions, abrasive materials and temperature.



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