Adequa´s factory in Alovera welcomes Famara

The production center of adequa in Alovera (Guadalajara) has been visited by professionals from Famara, supplier of plumbing in Islas Canarias, as a result of the association of different entrepreneurs related to the construction sector. These professionals visited our factory, where they could see first-hand the manufacturing process of our accessories in PVC.

We appreciate their interest in knowing more about our company and our commitment to technological innovation to improve energy efficiency in the entire water cycle.

In Guadalajara are manufactured  the accessories in PVC of our drainage system, which applications are: evacuation of low and high temperature domestic waste water, ventilation ducting associated with the above, rainwater conduits within the structure of the building.

Principal benefits:

    • Complete and easy-to-install system for any project.
    • Reliable and fire resistant installations.
    • Special solutions for complex installations.
    • Totally adapted to the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE).
    • Made of recyclable PVC.
    • Wide range of pipes.
    • Embossed bar code.
    • AENOR certification No. (UNE-EN 1453) on all structured piping.
    • B-s1,d0 classification on manufactured pipes and fittings: non-flammable.
    • Structured piping: lighter and quieter. Quick and easy to assemble on site.
    • Fittings bear AENOR N Certificate (UNE-EN 1329).

adequa manufactures in accordance with standard UNE-EN 1329, including those fittings that do not bear the AENOR N marking.

  • Wide range of parts, compatibility with AR soundproofed system.
  • Special accessible parts that comply with CTE specifications.
  • Spanish diameters.


Grey water evacuation

  • Evacuation piping diameters from 32 to 315 mm
  • Domestic sewerage diameters from 160 to 630 mm
  • Glued joint and elastic seal fittings

Small clean water evacuation

  • 32-, 40- and 50-mm diameter piping
  • Fittings

WC connections

  • Elbows, outlets and sleeves

Siphon traps

  • Traps and covers