adequa URATOP® Bi-oriented PVC pipe system Classe 500

The solution that delivers maximum efficiency and high performance levels for pressurised water systems


Potable water supply and distribution, pressurised urban water systems, conduits for agricultural infrastructures, irrigation systems for parks and gardens, golf courses, sports centres, pumped waste water systems, water treatment plants, distribution of reusable water, etc.

Principal benefits

  • High impact resistance.
  • Greater hydraulic capacity without changing diameters.
  • Product 100% recyclable.
  • Maximum flexibility.


  • DN 110 mm to DN 400 mm.
  • PN 12,5, 16 and 25 Atm.
  • The functional length of the pipes is 6 m.
  • The pipe work is available in the following colours: blue (RAL 5015) for supply and distribution (potable water) and purple (RAL 4001) for the distribution of reusable and waste water in accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007 regarding the distribution of reusable water.

Chemical and mechanical characteristics

Density UNE 53020 1.370÷1.430 kg/m3
Minimum required strength (MRS) 50 MPa
Safety coefficient (50 years) 1.4
Design stress 36 MPa
Ring stiffness as per UNE-EN ISO 9969 > 4 (PN12,5) / > 7 (PN16) / > 20 (PN 25) kN/m2
Resistance to tangential traction >48 MPa
Resistance to axial traction >85 MPa
Axial elasticity modulus >3000 MPa
Tangential elasticity modulus >4000 MPa
Compression stress >50 MPa
Poisson coefficient 0.41
Ring flexibility without deterioration as per UNE-EN 1446 100 %
Impact resistance ISO 3127 TIR ≤ 10 %
Roughness (P-Colebrook) clean water 0.01 mm
Roughness (P-Colebrook) waste water 0.10-0.25 mm
Thermal conductivity UNE 92201-92202 0.13 kcal/m.h.ºC
Lineal expansion coefficient as per UNE 53126 8×10-5 m/mºC
Vicat temperature UNE-EN 727 >80 ºC
Specific heat 0.26 cal/ºC
Resistivity 1E15 Ὠ/cm
Dielectric constant 3.4
Dielectric resistivity as per UNE 53030 30-35 kV/mm
Material compound: Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC-U)
EPDM elastomer hardness as per EN 681-1 60 ±5 IRHD



Technical documentation


Quality: standards and certification

AENOR Product certificate in acompliance with standard UNE-ISO 16422 


IQNet Certificate in acompliance with standard ISO 9001


IQNet Certificate in acompliance with standard ISO 14001


CSTB Product certificate No. 55-2-P-BO in acompliance with standard NF T54-948


AENOR and APPLUS certificates of compliance with RD 140/2003 and UNE-EN 12873-1 and Declaration of Material Approval by EPAL regarding the quality of water for human consumption

Download AENOR


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Sanitary Compliance Certificate (ACS) issued by CARSO